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The Plymouth Oesophago-Gastric Centre has a large team of specialists dedicated to providing first class care to patients with diseases of the oesophagus and stomach.

The team includes:

  • Five consultant surgeons
  • Five consultant gastroenterologists
  • Two consultant oncologists
  • Four consultant radiologists
  • Two consultant histopathologists
  • Two consultant palliative care physicians
  • Two clinical nurse specialists
  • One multi-disciplinary team (MDT) Co-ordinator
  • One assistant MDT co-ordinator
  • Two nurse endoscopists
  • One dietician


  • Mr Rahamim - Consultant Thoracic Surgeon 
  • Mr Sanders - Consultant Upper GI Surgeon 
  • Mr Wheatley - Consultant Surgeon 
  • Mr Beresford - Consultant Thoracic and Upper GI Surgeon
  • Mr Peyser - Consultant Upper GI Surgeon

The surgeons work with both the Cardiothoracic directorate (which has a further seven cardiothoracic surgeons) and the Gastroenterology Directorate (which has a further four upper GI surgeons specialising in pancreatic and liver disease).


  • Dr Cochrane - Consultant Gastroenterologist 
  • Dr Dunlop - Consultant Gastroenterologist 
  • Dr Hayward - Consultant Gastroenterologist 
  • Dr Latchford - Consultant Gastroenterologist
  • Dr Lewis - Consultant Gastroenterologist 

The gastroenterologists work as part of the Gastroenterology Directorate which has two more gastroenterologists specialising in liver disease.


  • Dr Cogill - Consultant Clinical Oncologist 
  • Dr Sherriff - Consultant Clinical Oncologist 

The oncologists work with the Oncology and Blood Services Directorate which has a further six clinical and one medical oncologists.


The radiologists work with the Imaging Directorate which has a further 22 consultant radiologists. 


  • Dr N Robertson - Consultant GI Pathologist 
  • Dr Sherwood - Consultant GI Pathologist 

The pathologists work with the Pathology Directorate which has a further eight consultant pathologists.

Palliative Care:

  • Dr Nugent - Medical Director of St Luke's Integrated Services & Consultant in Palliative Medicine 
  • Dr Hooper - Consultant in Palliative Medicine  

Both Dr Nugent and Dr Hooper work with the St Luke's Hospital Palliative Care Team, along with an associate specialist and five specialist nurses.

Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS):

  • Marilyn Bolter - UGI Oncology Nurse Specialist 
  • Claire Downing - UGI Oncology Nurse Specialist 

The Clinical Nurse Specialists belong to a team of 24 cancer CNS's who provide care for all cancer patients receiving treatment at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

MDT Co-ordinators:

  • Denyse Harris - MDT Co-ordinator 
  • Judy Horne - Assistant MDT Co-ordinator 

We have a team of MDT co-ordinators who work with the Cancer Services Department covering all cancer sites.

Nurse Endoscopists

  • Janet Ottway - Nurse Endocopist

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