Autism Steering Group


The first meeting of the steering group for Derriford Autism Service was held on 27th August 2019.  It was agreed that the group will be called aDAPt and that members all have personal experience of how Autism can affect lives.

The name aDAPt was decided as particularly appropriate for the group as it is formulated from the words Derriford Autism Partnership and how we are working to aDAPt our processes to make the hospital experience as positive as possible.  It is important that we do that in partnership with those around us who can help to advise what improvements we can make.



aDAPt Meeting Minutes 27.08.19

aDAPt Meeting Minutes 01.10.19

 aDAPt Meeting Minutes 29.10.19

aDAPt Meeting Minutes 26.11.19


aDAPt Meeting Minutes 28.01.20

aDAPt Meeting Minutes 25.02.20  

aDAPt Meeting Minutes 28.07.20 

 aDAPt Meeting Minutes 08.09.20 

aDAPt Meeting Minutes 27.11.20 


aDAPt Meeting Minutes 13.01.21 

aDAPt Meeting Minutes 02.03.21  


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