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We can add alerts to hospital systems to identify a patient as being Autistic. We do not insist on a formal diagnosis as there are many reasons why some people choose not to go down the diagnostic route. If a person is 'self aware' that they are Autistic and without a Learning Disability, then they meet the criteria for our service. More information about alerts can be found by clicking the picture below. 

If a person has a Learning Disability and is Autistic, then they will be supported by the Learning Disability Service

Why have a hospital alert poster

Once an alert is added to the hospital systems we will receive an alert if they get admitted to the hospital and what area they are in. 

We will then contact the department to ensure they are given the necessary advice and information in order to care for a Autistic person. In order to get an alert added, we simply need to know the person’s Name, Address & Date of Birth. 

You can inform us of this information by sending an email to: or by telephone if you prefer on 01752 432134.


Hospital Passports

These can help to provide information about you for the staff caring for you.

Produced by aDAPt (Derriford Autism Partnership)  this passport is in A5 booklet size. Click the image to download the PDF version. 

     hospital passport pdf 

If you would like the hospital passport in Microsoft Word format please click here.

National Autistic Society also have a Hospital Passport which you can choose to complete prior to attending hospital.  There are guidelines on the NAS website to help you to complete this.  

Reasonable Adjustment Requests Form

We recommend that you complete our Reasonable Adjustment Requests Form prior to coming to the hospital, this document gives staff information about you which could help to put reasonable adjustments in place where possible. We are unable to guarantee that all requests will be met but appropriate consideration will be made. 

Please click here click here to download the word version or click the picture to download the PDF. 

Picture of autism reasonable adjustment form  

Training for hospital staff

We are providing training to staff throughout the hospital on Understanding Autism.

We are also developing a tool box for all Wards & Departments of resources that can be used to help reduce anxiety and make the hospital experience less stressful.

Autism Plain Poster Autism Colour Poster

Derriford Autism Service Final Pilot Report 

If you would like to read the final pilot report from the Derriford Autism Service please click here.

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