Black History Month 2022

Throughout the month of October, we are looking forward to celebrating Black History Month. The month focuses on recognising the contribution people with African and Caribbean heritage have had to British society. This year’s theme is Time for change: Actions not Words and the need for allyship. During the month there will be opportunities to learn more and talk about how we can take action to make positive change.

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"Time for Change: Action Not Words.’ To get to a better tomorrow, we can’t just focus on the past.

“The past is in the past. We can acknowledge and learn from it, but to improve the future, we need action, not words. We need to come together around a shared common goal to achieve a better world for everyone.” – Black History Month, 2022

For more information about this year’s theme, please visit this link: Our theme for Black History Month 2022 is Time for Change: Action Not Words. - Black History Month 2022


Black History in the NHS

“Without their input, it is likely that the NHS would not have survived, failing before it really had time to be established.” Learn more about the incredible impact that Black nurses have had on the NHS since it’s inception from the following links:

You Called and We Came: Remembering Nurses of the Windrush Generation - Black History Month 2022

Caribbean Women and the NHS - Black History Month 2022

Answering the Call: Our NHS Commonwealth Nurses Stories from the Commonwealth: nurses in the NHS - Black History Month 2022


Coaching for NHS staff from ethnic minority backgrounds

NHS England » Support for our diverse colleagues

The Looking After You Too coaching service, for colleagues from ethnic minority backgrounds, provides a one-to-one support offer. The coaching service is provided by trained coaches from ethnic minority backgrounds who will help you develop practical strategies to manage and maintain your health and wellbeing. LAYT coaching is confidential and free. No details are shared with employers and the coaches are external to the NHS. It can provide you with a safe and judgement-free space to deal with difficult conversations and build resilience.

Head here to Book a coaching session (


Black History Month 2021

For 2021, in honour of Black History Month and for those who have suffered from the pandemic, we asked colleagues from all areas of our Trust to nominate an ethnically diverse colleague, or ally, who has impacted them in a positive, meaningful and memorable way, or has done something they feel deserves recognition.

We really wanted to bring forward those who are championing the values of being a great colleague and making a difference in the workplace.

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Black History Month 2021 Nominees- Week 5

Black History Month 2021 Nominees- Week 5

CU Claire Underdown, Assistant Director of People

She is very passionate about culture and inclusion in the entire trust. She is very empathetic and personable even when we raise any BAME concerns.
Words alone cannot express the gratitude I have as BAME colleague for her.
I just want to say a heartfelt thank you for being an ally. 

Thank-you, Claire.


jh Hannah Jory, Assistant Practitioner in Research and Development

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Hannah Jory as I nominate her as a colleague who has gone above and beyond
 for me. I have lived in Plymouth less than a year, first day in my job at the Hospital, I discovered I work in the same office as my neighbour Hannah who I had not met till then. Wow! what a welcome from her! She introduced me to the other neighbours, offered help and advice on things to do in the city and free lifts into work during school holidays. Hannah you have been s true shinning star!

Thank-you, Hannah. 


JB Jo Beer, Chief Operating Officer

Jo is a very supportive person and an inspiring leader. Despite a very hectic schedule Jo always finds 
time to promote ethnic diversity with in the trust.

Thank-you, Jo. 


Rebecca Brown, Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Rebecca Brown works in the Diabetes Centre. During the Covid pandemic she was redeployed to  A and E in order to support her colleagues in the trust. During this time, she arranged for her children to live with other family members so that she could provide high level care and support to colleagues, whilst keeping her family safe. Following this, she was also a vaccinator, vaccinating both members of the public and staff. She goes above and beyond everyday and is an outstanding colleague and a simply awesome person. In the Diabetes Centre she specialises in the care of patients diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. She always supports her colleagues and provides her patients with outstanding care.

Thank-you, Rebecca.


CU Siobhan McCoulough, Tissue Viability Nurse 

Shiv has worked effortlessly to promote education surrounding Tissue Viability and how it appears in ethnically diverse persons. She is a true pioneer as her work will reduce mis-diagnosis' and/or amputations for our patients. Keep up the great work. 


Thank-you, Siobhan.

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