Breast Reconstruction surgery

The Plastic Surgery Department supports the Primrose Breast Unit and provides complex reconstructive breast surgery. Planning, assessment and delivery of care is performed as a multi-disciplinary team. Plastic surgeons, specialist breast reconstruction nurses, breast surgeons, anaesthetists, oncologists, radiologists, and many other professionals all work together as a team to offer the best care possible for our patients. Options for reconstruction include autologous surgery including free flaps (using the patient’s own tissues) and implant-based surgery. 

Some patients can be offered reconstruction at the same time as their mastectomy (if they meet certain criteria for safety). Reconstruction can also be performed as a separate operation after the initial breast cancer surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy have been completed. Surgery is also performed to adjust or correct a previous reconstruction or to improve symmetry.

The Plastic Surgery Department frequently works in collaboration with other specialties. We are fortunate to have an excellent team supporting the care we deliver. We have dedicated specialist nurses as well as secretarial, theatre and ward staff all working together for our patients.

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