Have our staff gone the extra mile?

Say “Thank You” with one of our cards, whilst supporting us to ‘Learn from Excellence’

We know that our staff can make a huge impact on the patients and colleagues that they come in to contact with, whether through an act of kindness or truly going the extra mile to do something with care and compassion. It can be difficult to recognise and acknowledge these but we want to make sure that our teams feel appreciated for the work that they do. Furthermore, by capturing episodes of excellence we can learn from these events and use the learning to improve practice and the quality and safety of the care that we provide throughout the Trust.

Learn from Excellence

By completing this online form, the staff member(s) nominated will receive a copy of what you have written in a card. This means that the staff will get private and timely feedback that genuinely describes what they did well, what went well as a result and what we can learn from it.  You, as the nominator, can choose to be anonymous if you wish. You will also receive an email notification to confirm that the card has been sent.

Over 450 cards have been sent already and we know from feedback that getting a personal card makes staff who receive them feel appreciated and we have already taken steps to make changes to the way we do things based on the nominations that we have had.

Thank you for taking the time to “Say Thank You and Learn from Excellence”.


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Was this page helpful?

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