Cervical problems and colpsocopy

Colposcopy is an examination to look more closely at the cervix (neck of the womb) or vulva. Most commonly women need to have this done due to the results of their cervical smear. When you have a colposcopy it is often necessary to take a biopsy or provide some treatment for abnormal cells. More information can be found in the patient information leaflet.

We have a team of doctors and nurses who can perform colposcopy; they are all accredited (BSCCP) and are regularly audited to ensure standards are met.

Some women are referred to the gynaecology outpatient area due to symptoms from a cervical ectropion which is a raw looking area on the cervix that is related to hormonal changes, pregnancy and being on the pill. This can be treated easily in out patients. Occasionally cervical polyps can be seen when you have your smear done, most polyps can be removed easily during a speculum examination.

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