Challenge 31

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Challenge 31!

Derriford Children's Wards is calling on the children of Devon and Cornwall
from toddlers to teens to help children in their neighbourhood with a challenge

In 31 days can you
Bounce on a trampoline for 31 minutes?
Read 31 books?
Hula hoop 31 times
Knit a 3.1 meters long scarf
Do 31 wheelies on your bike.
Bake 31 cupcakes?

Challenge yourself to be creative, raise sponsorship money and a smile for the children in Derriford hospital.


Plymouth hospitals Charity Lion on a bike illustration by Maria Skrigan

Why do we want your help?

The Coronavirus has changed things for everyone. Being in hospital can be hard, but not being able to see your friends, or have as many hugs as you need because of social distancing makes it even more difficult.

Children’s Happy Hospital Fund, Derriford Children’s Cancer Services and Plymouth Hospitals Charity have joined together because we want children in hospital to be as happy as they can and we’re asking you to help us.


Plymouth Hospitals Charity Monkey on a trampoline illustration by Maria Skrigan


What can you do?

Sign up for the challenge!

You can send us, or upload pictures of you working towards completing your Challenge. We'd love to see them and to cheer you on!


Plymouth Hospitals Charity lamb with a doughnut ring illustration by Maria Skrigan


Lucky Dip!

Everyone who enters the challenge will be entered into a lucky dip
The winner will get a visit to their school by the players of Plymouth Argyle!

Just remember to make it creative, make it energetic and most of all - make it fun!

Plymouth Hospitals Charity Whale with cake and ice-cream illustration by Maria Skrigan

To sign up to the challenge, click the button below and start fundraising! 

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If you'd like to know more or ask any questions, click this link More information

Your Pack!

We've created a small pack to help you with your challenge! Email to claim yours!