Charity news

MRI Play Rocket lands at Derriford Hospital

Plymouth Hospitals Charity is delighted to announce the arrival of a new MRI play rocket at Derriford Hospital. The rocket-shaped mock-MRI machine is designed to ease anxiety for children.

The play scanner allows the child to practice lying still in an MRI- like environment, so when they go through with a real MRI scan they are more likely to complete their scan. This MRI play rocket is one of fewer than 20 available worldwide.

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Ollie Hall completes his fancy-dress marathon challenge

Superheroes running down a street

Six-year-old Ollie Hall has completed his 30 day marathon challenge for Plymouth Hospitals Charity.

Ollie’s fundraising journey began a few weeks ago when he decided to take some cakes to his friends and teachers who were still at school to cheer them up. After seeing how happy it made them, Ollie wanted to do something else to help others and set a goal of raising £50 for Plymouth Hospitals Charity. With 30 days to go before he turned six on the 8th of June, Ollie wanted to run a mile every day, only taking a break on Sundays, before he ran mile 26 on his sixth birthday.


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Siblings step to success

The honey family

The Honey family have raised thousands of pounds for Plymouth Hospitals Charity by walking over 1000 laps of their home in Cornwall. Madison aged 12, Jayden 10, and Esme Honey, 4, from Trebullet have raised a staggering £2,500 for Plymouth Hospitals Charity.

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