Making a donation

Thank you for donating to Plymouth Hospitals Charity.

Your gift makes a real difference - and you can choose where you want that difference to be made...

General fund

Giving to our transformative General Fund means you will

  • make brilliant ideas happen - ideas thought up by nurses, doctors and other staff working directly with patients. 
  • buy larger specialised equipment - transforming patient care, equipment asked for by those who work in our hospital.
  • be the helping hand for areas in the hospital that are not as visible or thought of by the public. You'll help, sometimes in the simplest of ways like brightening up waiting areas or buying wheelchairs.

Specific areas

Giving to specific areas that you feel strongly about, you will

  • enhance the services that your nominated ward or area deliver.
  • support our nurses, doctors and multidisciplinary teams with new equipment or more specialised training.
  • add the extras that will help transform the experience of patients.

Let us know

Just let us know in the comment section of our donation form where you want your donation to go and we'll make sure your help goes to the right area. 

We'll be happy to answer any questions, give us a call on 07494 315 141, or click the link below to email a request.

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