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Intensive Care Unit receives a whopping £6,500 from Salcombe hotel and rotary club

Donation from the Rotary Club of Salcombe

The Critical Care Unit at Derriford Hospital has received a combined total of £6,500 in donations from the Soar Mill Cove hotel and the Rotary Club of Salcombe.

Donation from the Rotary Club of Salcombe Each year, the owners of Soar Mill Cove hold an annual ball to raise money for a nominated charity. In November 2017, it was decided that donations would go to Spring Intensive Care, in memory of owner Keith Makepeace, who had sadly passed away the previous November at Derriford Hospital.

“My father received impeccable service when he was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Derriford”, explains Keith’s son, who is incidentally also called Keith. “We wanted to raise funds for the unit as we really wanted to give something back.”

A grand total of £4,000 was raised on the night thanks to all who attended the ball. However, that wasn’t the only way that the family-run hotel wanted to help.

Keith’s mother, Norma Makepeace, who continues to run Soar Mill Cove along with her son, decided to train to become a volunteer at Derriford Hospital and, since July, has been giving up her spare time to work in the Intensive Care Unit on Thursday afternoons.

“It’s really useful for the unit to have a pair of open hands”, describes Norma. “Having a loved one in critical care is quite distressing, but people find it quite helpful just to have someone to talk to and who is able to listen, like me.

“I’m there to provide comfort to patients’ families at their time of need, as well as to bring plenty of tea and hot chocolate”, she adds.

Inspired by Keith, who is a member, the Rotary Club of Salcombe (pictured above) also decided to raise money for Spring Intensive Care. As a result, the Club has so far raised an impressive £2,500, which was presented to Derriford Hospital last week, together with Soar Mill Cove’s donation.

“The Club likes to raise money for local charities, and for care in the community”, explains John Sampson, who presented the cheque on behalf of the Rotary Club. “We’re aware of how much hard work goes on in our local ICU – my brother received outstanding care when he came in here, many years ago.

“We therefore wanted to help the unit to continue to offer their exceptional level of service. We realise that it’s not just about making people better, but it’s also all the extra bits that help patients further and to enhance their treatments. So we’re glad to be able to help.”

The Rotary Club of Salcombe are planning to raise further money for the unit as part of the Salcombe Crab Festival, which is being held on Sunday 6th May this year.

“We’re extremely grateful for all the fantastic efforts of Keith, his family, and of course the Rotary Club”, praises Dr Peter Macnaughton, Intensive Care Consultant at Derriford Hospital and Chair of Spring Intensive Care. “This money will be incredibly useful and we plan to use it towards buying equipment to help with the early rehabilitation of patients recovering from critical illness.”

Spring Intensive Care is a registered charity that supports the Intensive Care Unit at Derriford Hospital. It relies completely on voluntary donations which are used to ensure that critically ill patients in Plymouth get the best care possible. The charity uses its funds to purchase lifesaving equipment, fund nurse education and support the families of critically ill patients.

To find out more about how you can fundraise or make a donation to Spring Intenstive Care, please visit https://www.plymouthhospitals.nhs.uk/icu-spring Alternatively, to find out more about raising money for Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, please visit https://www.plymouthhospitals.nhs.uk/fundraising

(Pictured below: Keith and Norma Makepeace present the cheque on behalf of Soar Mill Cove Hotel)

Donation from Soar Mill Cove Hotel

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