DCW Background

Derriford Childrens Wards - support for children and families

DCW has come about through the partnership of Plymouth Hospitals Charity, Children’s Happy Hospital Fund, and Derriford Children’s Cancer Service.
Rather than have three funds and two charities, it makes sense to just have one. This doesn’t mean that you can’t say how you'd like your donation to be spent - we will, of course, try to make sure your wishes are granted. 

DCW needs your help now for all children from 7 days to 18 years old who are receiving treatment and care in Derriford hospital.

Children’s Happy Hospitals Fund is coming under the umbrella of Plymouth Hospitals Charity in 2021 to enable us to provide a joined up service. They are an incredible charity and have raised over £250,000 for the children's wards since 2014. 

We are all excited to work together so that DCW can continue to make a difference to children in hospital.

Derriford Childrens Cancer Services, have also raised a lot of money over the years and been a fantastic support to children who have a cancer diagnosis and visit the hospital regularly. 

To all the people, families and businesses who have made such a difference over the years, you are all our BFF – thank you to all of you

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