Supporting Carers and John's Campaign

We welcome carers of people with dementia to stay as long as they wish. Our carers policy encourages 24/7 access across the hospital not just in care of the elderly wards. Having carers reduces anxiety, improves the patients inpatient experience, promotes well-being and can support the discharge process. 

Whilst your friend or relative is in hospital we would like to get to know them better which enables us to provide  treatment  with the privacy and dignity that they deserve.  We use a leaflet called   'Getting to know you’  which is available across the hospital. It will be very helpful for us if you could  fill out this leaflet so we can get to know more about  your friend or relative with Dementia.

We also  have many Dementia friendly wards and departments which have the forget me flower at the entrance.

John's Campaign

John’s Campaign was launched in the Observer in November 2014 after the death of Dr John Gerrard. The aim of the campaign is to give the carers of those living with dementia the right to stay with them in hospital, in the same way that parents stay with their sick children.

As a Trust we are fully committed to supporting carers of patients with dementia.



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