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Visiting a Wellbeing Practitioner at The Child Development Centre (CDC)

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A Leaflet for Children and Young People

What is a Wellbeing Practitioner?

A Wellbeing Practitioner or CWP is someone who talks with children about problems and worries. They might help you understand your problem by talking with you about your thoughts and feelings and how these can affect your behaviour.

Together, we will create some goals and try out new skills that can help you feel happier.

Why might I see a Wellbeing Practitioner?

Children and young people may come for different reasons, including:

  • Finding it hard to get along with friends or family

  • Having difficulties at school
  • Feeling sad or unhappy
  • Feeling worried or frightened
  • Feeling frustrated or angry

What happens when I see the Wellbeing Practitioner?

Emily will spend time with you, talking about:

  • Problems that are bothering you

  • Your friends, interests and hobbies
  • Your home and school life

She will listen to you and try to find ways to help you cope with worries and difficulties. 

Our meetings will last about 45 minutes.

Do I have to see the Wellbeing Practitioner?

No-one will force you, it is your choice. However, she is here to help you with things you are finding difficult. It can help to talk to someone who is used to listening to people your age. Lots of children enjoy coming as it can be fun!

Will other people know what we talk about?

What you talk about is private.  However if you say it is okay some information will be shared with your doctor and the people that help take care of you.  If there are some things you do not want to share then just let us know.

The only thing we can’t keep private is if you tell the Wellbeing Practitioner that you are being hurt or somebody else is being hurt. The most important thing is keeping children and young people safe.  

What will happen after our first meeting?

If you feel it is helpful, Emily is able to meet with you for 6- 8 sessions OR she might tell you about other people that know more about your problem than we do.

What is the CDC Like?

On our website there is a special video which shows you just what the CDC is like and might help you to feel happier about coming to visit us!

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