Welcome to University Hospital Plymouth's Endoscopy Unit.

Our priority is to deliver exceptional care before, during and after an endoscopy procedure. We perform procedures which are safe, as comfortable as possible and result in the best possible health outcomes. To reflect this, we have been awarded JAG accreditation after going through a rigorous external peer review process which shows that the Trust is recognised as providing high levels of quality service for patients.


What is an endoscopy?

                                                                                                                                                                                         An illustration of the upper and lower digestive tract

An endoscopy is a medical examination which is used to look inside the body by using a specialist piece of equipment called an endoscope. An Endoscope is a long, thin tube with a camera and a light. To perform the procedure, the endoscope is gently passed inside the body through a natural opening such as the mouth or the anus. We perform endoscopies to diagnose, monitor and treat symptoms of the digestive tract.



Why have I been referred for an endoscopy?

You will have been referred by a GP or clinician for this procedure; this may be after a visit/ appointment with them or for further investigations.

You may have unexplained:

Pain in the abdomen or throat.

Rectal or gastrointestinal bleeding.

Iron deficiency.

Weight loss.



Difficulty with or pain when swallowing.

Burning pain below the ribs.

A screening test has suggested you may need further investigations.

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