Exercise Video

In partnership with Plymouth Marjons University we have produced a short (approximately 21 minutes) fitness video for you to do from the comfort of your own home.

  • The exercises have specifically been designed for gentleman that have little or no experience of exercise or haven’t exercised in some time.
  • The exercises can be done sitting or standing so you can adapt them to suit your ability.
  • Try to attempt this video at least twice a week and this will help improve muscle strength, balance and co-ordination.

Don’t forget…wear loose clothing and keep some water handy and if you are using a chair to exercise, chose one that is stable, solid and without wheels.


As your fitness improves why not look at our “Exercise sources of inspiration and support” section for other ways to getting physical activity into your daily life!

Top Tip

During Chemotherapy cycles you will recognise the days where you feel a bit more energetic, choose those days to do a little bit of gentle exercise but remember be kind to yourself and don’t push yourself to exhaustion. Why not have a look at our exercise video above to get started?

Men running

Being Active

Any adult that partakes in some form of physical activity gains some health benefits; some physical activity is better than none and more physical activity provides greater health benefits!

There is growing evidence to support the role of physical activity during and after cancer treatment to help manage some of the side effects of prostate cancer treatment and aid recovery after cancer treatment. It can also help with feelings of anxiety or depression. Adopting a fit and healthy lifestyle can also reduce the risk of developing other long term health conditions.


Being active is important for prostate cancer because it...

Brain icon improves cognitive function heart icon improves cardiovascular fitness
Active icon improves cancer-related fatigue Bed icon improves sleep quality
Smiley icon helps manage depression and anxiety Love icon helps sexual function
Bone icon helps bone health and join pain Man icon Improves body composition
  dancing icon improves quality of life  


Top tip

Don’t forget that you can do activities at home that counts as exercise such as; Man running

  1. Gardening
  2. Housework
  3. Standing during advert breaks
  4. Standing whilst on the phone
  5. Walking the dog
  6. Carrying your shopping

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