Follow up after bariatric surgery

You will be followed up closely in the first 2 years after your surgery by a combination of the hospital based team and the tier 3 weight management team. After 2 years you should be having an annual check up with your GP.

All patients who undergo bariatric surgery need to take lifelong vitamin and mineral supplements. These will vary slightly depending on the type of surgery you have. Some patients will require 3 monthly vitamin B12 injections as well as tablets on a daily basis. Failure to take the recommended supplements can result in serious health problems such as fits, blindness and even death.

As part of your follow up you will undergo regular blood tests to ensure you are not becoming deficient in a variety of vitamins and minerals. These blood tests will be every few months initially and then once a year after 2 years. 

Blood Testing and Vitamin and Mineral Support following Bariatric Surgery

Managment of nutrition following bariatric surgery.pdf [pdf] 313KB 

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