Living on Hormones – managing side effects with exercise

Whilst you are on Hormone Deprivation Therapy (hormone treatment) you can feel fatigued, notice a low mood, gain weight around your tummy (which can in turn increase your risk of hypertension and cardiac issues), have hot flushes and experience a loss of libido. You may also experience breast tenderness or swelling, strength and muscle loss, loss of body hair and bone thinning. Daily exercise can help delay the onset of some of these side effects, as well as help manage some of them, should they develop.



Top Tip

When starting to get active remember to start slow, set realistic targets and try to be active every day! Try our exercise video to get started!

Running men

Being Active

Any adult that partakes in some form of physical activity gains some health benefits; some physical activity is better than none and more physical activity provides greater health benefits!

There is growing evidence to support the role of physical activity during and after cancer treatment to help manage some of the side effects of prostate cancer treatment and aid recovery after cancer treatment. It can also help with feelings of anxiety or depression. Adopting a fit and healthy lifestyle can also reduce the risk of developing other long term health conditions.


Being active is important for prostate cancer because it...

Brain icon improves cognitive function heart icon improves cardiovascular fitness
Active icon improves cancer-related fatigue Bed icon improves sleep quality
Smiley icon helps manage depression and anxiety Love icon helps sexual function
Bone icon helps bone health and join pain Man icon Improves body composition
  dancing icon improves quality of life  


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