Treatment Summary

A Treatment Summary is a document produced by the Doctor or Specialist Nurse at the end of initial treatment for cancer. It is shared with the patient and their GP.

The Treatment Summary:

  • describes the treatment that that person has received
  • describes the possible / potential side effects
  • describes the signs and symptoms of recurrence,
  • informs the GP Cancer Care Review and Summary Care Record
  • ensures that the GP database is up to date.

A Treatment Summary is completed by secondary care professionals after a significant phase of a patient’s cancer treatment. It describes the treatment, potential side effects, and signs and symptoms of recurrence. It is designed to be shared with the person living with cancer and their GP.

The Treatment Summary aims to inform the GP and other primary care professionals of actions that need to be taken and who to contact with any questions or concerns. The person affected by cancer also receives a copy to improve their understanding and to know if there is anything to look out for during their recovery.

It also provides the GP with an up-to-date and clear understanding of the patient’s treatment. This can include information that is essential for updating their records and for conducting a Cancer Care Review.

The Treatment Summary can also be shared with other health professionals and used to evidence the patient’s treatment, for example when claiming travel insurance. A copy of the Treatment Summary is retained in the patients case notes so medical staff can access the patient’s information easily if they are admitted back to hospital after their primary treatment is complete.

Macmillan "What to do after cancer treatment ends: 10 Top Tips."

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