Our Thoracic Facilities

We operate in the Cardiothoracic Theatre suite at Derriford Hospital and have a well-trained and dedicated theatre team including theatre sisters, cardiothoracic and general anaesthetists, scrub nurses, surgical care practitioners and operating department practitioners. 

We use the latest in surgical technology including Video-Assisted Thoracoscopy Surgery (keyhole surgery), Robotic Surgery and Endobronchial technology such as laser and stents to treat all adult thoracic surgical conditions with a minimally invasive approach as well as the cutting-edge biopsy tools to detect early-stage cancers.

Our main thoracic ward is Crownhill Ward. Here patients are looked after following elective thoracic surgery or are admitted here for emergency thoracic care. It is run by experienced Sisters, Specialist Doctors, Nurses, Advanced Care Practitioners, Physiotherapists and Pharmacists trained in managing thoracic surgical patients to ensure they receive the most effective up-to-date treatment in a dignified manner and caring environment. In addition, we have intensive care beds available in the hospital for looking after high-risk patients undergoing thoracic surgery.

We have a dedicated pain team that visits our ward daily to advise on the best pain relief strategy for each patient following surgery on their chest or because of chest trauma. We have dedicated Lung Cancer Specialist Nurses covering Devon and Cornwall that help thoracic cancer patients prepare for surgery and recuperate at home and in the community following their surgery.

We work closely in a multi-disciplinary team with other departments in Derriford Hospital and across the South-West especially with the Trauma, Oncology, Respiratory, Interventional Radiology and Cardiac Surgery departments.

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