Renal Dietitian

What is a Renal Dietitian? 

The kidneys remove excess fluid and wastes from the body.  When the kidneys stop working properly patients can become unwell.  A renal dietitian offers specialist evidence-based dietary advice to patients with kidney disease, after careful consideration of the individual’s blood chemistry, nutritional status and fluid needs.   

We work alongside the renal consultants and nurses to help patients with kidney disease to protect their remaining kidney function, continue to feel well, and reduce their risk of developing other complications such as cardiovascular disease.  In certain cases, patients may need to follow more specific dietary restrictions, and the dietitian will advise on how to do this safely.

We see in-patients that have been referred to us on the ward.  We are also able to offer patients that have been referred by their consultant or GP an out-patient appointment in the Renal Dietitian Clinic, or a telephone review where this is more appropriate.    

We are able to provide written information and renal recipe ideas.  We can also arrange for patients to receive suitable nutritional supplements when required.  

Who should be referred to a renal dietitian?

In-patients with

  • Serum potassium of more than 6mmol/l or rising, requiring a low potassium diet
  • Serum potassium less than 3.5mmol/l, requiring high potassium diet
  • Chronic kidney disease and poor appetite or weight loss with MUST score of 2

For referral guidelines for out-patients with chronic kidney disease, on haemodialysis, or pertioneal dialysis see the following link:
Renal Dietitian Outpatient Referral Guidelines

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