Speech and Language Therapy

Group photo of speech and language therapy team outside of Derriford Hospital

Speech and language therapists at are specialists in assessing, diagnosing and managing people who have communication and/or swallowing problems. 

Speech and language therapists work closely within multi-disciplinary teams particularly in areas of neurology, neurosurgery, stroke, critical care, health services for the elderly, oncology and the Ear, Nose and Throat Department.

Treatment of communication and swallowing disorders occurs for in-patients as part of the multidisciplinary treatment, with physiotherapists, occupational therapist, dietitians and the medical team.
Patients may have: 

  • Oral or pharyngeal dysphagia of an acute, neurological or mechanical nature.
  • Communication or swallowing difficulties associated with tracheostomy.
  • Speech, language and cognitive communication difficulties due to a neurological disorder e.g. Parkinson's disease, dementia, stroke and motor neurone disease. 
  • Voice problems of an organic, functional or psychological nature.

Specialist diagnostic and therapeutic assessment of dysphagia includes videofluoroscopy (modified barium swallow) and, in conjunction with ENT doctors, fibre-optic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES).

The department is located on level 7 at Derriford Hospital, near the restaurant.  

Making an Appointment

In-patients can be referred via telephone on extension 32206.

The Voice Clinic accepts referrals from GPs and from the Derriford ENT Department. If you have a problem with your voice please see your GP. 

We do not take outpatient referrals at Derriford Hospital. If you are a community patient and you feel you need to see a Speech and Language Therapist, you should see you GP who will make a referral to the Community SLT service, which is based at the Local Care Centre, Mount Gould Hospital. 

For referrals to the children’s service, please contact your GP.

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