Fluoroswallow (previously Videofluoroscopy)

Sometimes more information about swallowing problems is needed and patients may be referred for an X Ray swallowing test which is done in the radiology, or x-ray, department.

Different names for this test are: fluoroswallow, videofluoroscopic (VFS) swallowing study, videofluoroscopy or VFS, modified barium swallow, or MBS

The fluoroswallow lets us see:

  • if food is going into your airway instead of your stomach, called aspiration 
  • which parts of your mouth and throat may not be working well 
  • what kinds of food are safest for you to swallow 
  • if certain positions or strategies help you swallow better 

You should not have this test done if you think you may be pregnant because it is not safe to have x-rays while pregnant.

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