Voice Clinic

Professional Voice Users

Voice use is a vital part of many peoples occupation and if their voice is not fully functioning this can affect their ability to do their job.
Elite Voice Users include people who use their voice to earn their living (e.g. Singers, Actors. Presenters, Motivational Speakers).

Occupational Voice Users 1 include people whose voices are essential to their work (e.g. Teachers, Lecturers, Clergymen, Call Centre Workers).

Occupational Voice Users 2 include people who would find it difficult to do their job without their voice (e.g. Receptionists, Doctors, Salespeople etc).

Approximately one third of our patients were professional voice users and we always prioritise these patients to enable them to get back to work as soon as possible.

The Joint Voice Clinic

The Joint Voice Clinic takes place roughly once a month in the ENT Department and is run by Wing Commander Hope (Consultant E.N.T.Surgeon) and the Voice Therapists. We see new voice patients particularly Professional Voice Users referred by G.P.s, patients already seen in the ENT Department for a more specialised opinion and we bring our patients back to this clinic for review. The clinic also receives tertiary referrals from out of the area. We use Videostroboscopy so that we can visualise the larynx vibrating in slow motion and we can show this to the patients when discussing future management.

The Botox Clinic

The Botox Clinic is run by Wing Commander Hope (Consultant ENT Surgeon) and operates six times a year at roughly two monthly intervals. This is a specialised treatment clinic for patients with Laryngeal Dystonia also known as Spasmodic Dysphonia. Patients attending this clinic are referred by ENT Departments from across the South West

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