Non-Site specific suspected Cancer Pathway – Suspicion of Cancer Service

The Non-Site specific Cancer pathway – Suspicion of Cancer service was developed for patients whose symptoms indicate they do not fit a currently established cancer pathway. This pathway will stop the back and forth between the GP practice and the hospital which can lead to delays in diagnosis, higher rates of late stage or emergency admission and poorer outcomes for the patient.

Patients who are referred to the Suspicion of cancer service have reported symptoms that may be concerning to their GP. These symptoms can be unexplained weight loss, tiredness and a loss of appetite. 

Whilst this does not mean that you have cancer, the symptoms and history you have reported to your GP are suspicious enough to warrant “fast tracking”.

This will involve either a planned appointment to be booked by the Suspicion of Cancer Pathway Navigator who will contact you to arrange this or a same day appointment with the team in the Acute Assessment Unit.

Prior to this referral your GP will undertake a physical examination of your chest, abdomen, skin, lymph nodes and breasts if appropriate. You will also have blood tests, urine dip, stool sampling and a chest x-ray if appropriate.

On receipt of your referral an appointment will be booked for a review in the outpatient clinic and/or additional tests such as a CT scan.

Further information on CT Scans can be found at

Please be aware the testing process may take some time, so be prepared to be at the hospital all day. Tests will be performed on the Acute Assessment unit Level 6 at Derriford hospital.

Once we have all your results back a careful review of your case will take place and you will be offered an appointment to discuss the results within 3 to 7 days.

The Suspicion of Cancer service follow up clinic is based on Level 2 in the Oncology centre.

Non-site specific cancer pathway video 

The suspicion of cancer service has a team of dedicated clinicians and support staff that include:

Dr Daniel Fay – Clinical lead GP

Dr Amy Roy – Clinical lead Oncologist

Isabel Williams - Acute Oncology nurse specialist

Asha Omar – Consultant Radiologist

Gemma Fisher – Patient pathway navigator


Information for referrers / GPs

Please see referral guidelines on the joint formulary website

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