Types of Bariatric Surgery

There is no perfect bariatric operation. They all have their individual pros and cons. The most appropriate surgery for you will be decided with you at your one-to-one session. The information booklets below have been designed to cover all aspects of each type of surgery. It must be emphasised that surgery is best regarded as a tool which will help you achieve your goals of weight loss and improved health. You will only get long term success by taking responsibility for your own health and adopting healthy eating changes and taking regular exercise. No specific amount of weight loss can be guaranteed.

For specific information regarding benefits and complications of surgery, average weight loss and diagrams of the operation please download the information booklets below.

If you are accepted for surgery, you will be given one of these booklets to read in detail. You will be asked to sign the page at the back to say that you have read and understood the information and that you have been given the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have with the team. You must sign and return this page before the day of your surgery. 


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