vCreate Video Messaging Service

vCreate is a free Secure Video Messaging service that allows nursing staff to record and send you video updates of your baby whilst they are in NICU.

  • The system is secure and safe and you will be able to access the videos of your baby from any device. Unit staff will make short recordings for you to access at any time and will be created using an ipad before being uploaded and stored securely on the vCreate platform.
  • All parents wishing to access vCreate will have to complete a Privacy Notice, giving staff your permission to film your baby. You will also need to register for a vCreate account which is then approved by the team here on NICU. Once approved staff will be able to assign videos to the appropriate parent account.
  • You can login to watch the short clips at any time and will be alerted when new videos are available. A baby care video diary builds up over time which you will have access to 24 hours per day.
  • Unit staff will complete the short recordings when they are able and not at a designated time or rate. So please do not be disappointed if you do not receive a daily video.

When your baby is discharged here from University Hospital Plymouth, you will be able to download your baby's videos to keep. Once you have done this we will delete the videos and remove your parent account for Data Protection purposes.

There is more infomration on the vCreate website.



Parents’ Instructions for vCreate

  • You will be informed about vCreate on admission and offered a privacy notice form to complete. You will then need to access the site and register on the Plymouth vCreate page.
  • An email alert will be sent to you when there is a video clip of your baby or babies for you to watch.
  • You can log in on any device.
  • The log in will take you direct to your clip.
  • You can write a comment about the clip if you choose, which staff can then see.
  • You are able to share the clip with family/friends. You have to agree to the disclaimer first. You can then share the individual video for 24 hours.
  • You can watch any clips of your baby/babies as often as you like by clicking on Browse clips and selecting the clip you wish to view.
  • When you wish to download the video clips this must be done on a computer.
  • There will also be a Helpful for Parents page that all registered parents can access. We will place useful information video clips on here.
  • Once your baby has left the unit and you have downloaded all your clips we will then deactivate your account.
  • When using the website if the home button doesn’t appear on your screen then click on either the Plymouth Hospital logo or the Babcock logo and this will take you back to your home page and log out option.
  • There is a “get help” tab, where you can find further information on using the vCreate website.

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