The Eden Unit Team

The Eden Unit Team

The Eden Unit Team

The Eden Unit team is a multidisciplinary team specialising in Immunolgy and Allergy

  • Dr Claire Bethune, Consultant Clinical Immunologist

  • Dr Andrew Whyte, Consultant Immunologist and Allergist

  • Dr Lucy Leeman, Consultant Clinical Immunologist

  • Dr Jacqui Stokes, Specialist Doctor in Allergy

  • Ms Rebecca Briggs, Specialist Allergy Dietitian

  • Dr Paul Sice, Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dr Sarah Ford, Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Miss Kristen Lilly, Clinical Scientist in Immunology


  • Sister Christine Symons, Nurse Consultant in Immunology and Allergy

  • Teddie Trump, Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • John Dixon, Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • who are supported by a team of registered nurses.


  • Ms Susan Marett, IAP Data Performance Manager

  • Miss Gemma Rowe, Medical Secretary

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