You are at the heart of what we do. 

Flower ButtonYou may have been a patient at Derriford or one of our other hospitals.
Flower buttonYou may have had friends or family cared for at the hospital.
Flower ButtonYou may want to say thank you to the staff for their care.
Flower ButtonYou may wish to remember someone you were close to.

Whatever your reason, we are here to listen to what matters to you and how you want to make your difference. However you would like to get involved - your generosity, support and thoughtfulness are truly valued.

Friends donate charity bench to remember a loved one

Margaret, Pat and Tira sitting and smiling on the bench they have donated to Plymouth Hospitals Charity in memory of their friend Lyn


Margaret Murton, along with her friends Pat and Tira, have generously donated a bench to the Forever and Always Garden at Derriford Hospital. The Forever and Always Garden is a peaceful space, managed by Plymouth Hospitals Charity and the Phoebe Hoskin Trust, for families to sit and remember young ones they may have lost at the hospital. 

We'd love to hear your story

Whatever your reason for getting involved with helping your hospital, we'd love to hear your story. Send us an email to - you can also click here

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Your choice

Because you are the heart of everything we do, we want to let you know 

Your donation could be used to buy, or contribute to providing, new specialist equipment or brighten up the hospital environment. Each ward area and department let the charity know what they would like to raise money for, and we can share that with you if you’d like. 

There are some legal restrictions on how we can raise, manage and distribute charity donations. The rules are clear that money raised cannot be spent on 'core' clinical services - things the NHS is obliged to provide. Instead, donations and fundraising income are used to help your hospital go over and above what would otherwise be possible.