Clinical & Radiation Physics

Clinical & Radiation Physics - The Clinical & Radiation Physics group provides scientific services in support of uses of ionising radiations for both diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

The service provides expert support to clinical departments in the application of imaging technologies utilising ionising radiation, covering both x-rays and radioactive sources. We provide a scientific link between equipment manufacturers and Trust users with the aim of maximising safe, cost efficient and optimised use of emerging technology. We support the selection and commissioning of imaging technologies and perform a programme of quality assurance to ensure diagnostic imaging and therapeutic treatment of patients is to a high standard and consistent with the regulatory framework. The group takes a lead role in investigating any notifiable incidents (using ionising radiation) and liaising with the regulator (CQC).

The service provides expert advice to the Trust on compliance through the statutory role of the Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) to ensure that facilities are designed, built and operated to ensure that all groups and individuals are protected in accordance with the legislative requirements and that their exposure is minimised.

The MPE (Medical Physics Expert), RPA, RWA (Radioactive Waste Adviser) and DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser) are roles defined in UK legislation and the Trust is required to appoint experts into these roles to ensure they operate safely and compliantly in relation to the use of ionising radiation. It is usual for these roles to be held by HCPC registered Clinical Scientists.

These advisers and experts are supported by a dedicated team Clinical Technologists and other Healthcare Scientists who work together to oversee the safe uses of ionising radiation for the benefit of our patients, our staff and the environment.

The work is centred around 3 main pathways linked to the regulatory framework:

  • Protection of the patient
  • Protection of staff and public
  • Protection of the environment


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