How we process your medication at discharge

Once you have been told you can go home, we know it might feel like you are waiting for a very long time to get your discharge medication to you. 

Please be patient.  

Remember, you are now considered well enough to return home by your team of doctors. However, other people in the hospital may have more urgent needs and may still need to be reviewed by the doctors before your discharge letter and prescription can be written.  

Once your discharge prescription list is written, it usually requires processing and checking for clinical appropriateness by a pharmacist. 

The pharmacist will review the discharge prescription when they receive it, then they send it to the pharmacy technician and dispensary to be labelled with administration instructions, dispensed, checked and packaged. 

The team in the hospital dispensary will also make copies of your discharge prescription for you, your GP, community pharmacy and for your notes. 

Sometimes there are errors with the prescriptions that are found by either the pharmacist or dispensing team, which must be corrected before your discharge prescription can be released to you. 

When the pharmacy team has completed processing the discharge prescription, the medication is delivered to the ward.  Transport and portering happens at certain times, and at times there may be delays to the delivery to the ward due to waiting for the next round of portering. 

When the ward team receive the discharge prescription package, the nurses also usually check it and discuss the medication with you prior to discharge. The nursing team also check to ensure all the requests to enable your safe discharge from hospital have been fulfilled, for example your referral for follow-up have been done or should you qualify for it, your transport home is booked.  

When everything is completed, you will then be discharged and can go home. 

Infographic of how the Trust processes your medication at discharge as outlined in the main text

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