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Our Pharmacy department continues to work towards developing a strong research culture. We are already seeing the positive impact that engaging with research could have not only on an individual’s professional & personal development, but also on raising the profile of the department and indeed Hospital. In 2021, we bid successfully against 33 other trusts (3 trusts were successful) to win a grant to fund an academic intern. We are now in our second year of participating in the clinical academic internship programme. We have also teamed up with the University of Bath to create a region wide research hub across multiple Hospitals and NHS organisations.

Here are some of our latest posters and publications:

Victoria Webb is the Independent Prescribing Clinical Lead and Strategic Lead for Devon Teach & Treat Pilot. The Teach and Treat Pilot was set up in May 2023 to enable and support community pharmacists to upskill and become independent prescribers. In Sept 2023, 11 community pharmacists started their prescribing qualification. Vicky presented a poster summarising the output of hers and the Devon Teach and Treat steering group at the South West Pharmacy Research Network Innovation Day hosted by University of Bath on the 18th October 2023.

Devon Teach and Treat poster.pdf[pdf] 907KB

Devon Teach and Treat accessible poster content.pdf[pdf] 287KB

Anneka Mitchell worked with T.J Welsh to summarise the evidence for deprescribing alpha-blockers and centrally acting antihypertensives in older people at risk of falls and to assist clinicians in deciding how to safely de-prescribe these agents. Centrally acting antihypertensives and alpha-blockers in people at risk of falls: therapeutic dilemmas—a clinical review

Anneka Mitchell and Yasmin Elmasry worked with Eveline van Poelgeest and Tomas Welsh to summarise the existing knowledge on the benefits of anticoagulants, and adverse events associated with falling whilst taking these medications, to assist clinicians in decisions on safe prescribing and deprescribing of anticoagulants. Anticoagulant use in older persons at risk for falls: therapeutic dilemmas—a clinical review

Odran Farrell and Antony Mitchell presented "Poisonings: What happens after A&E" at the Clinical Pharmacy Congress on 13th May 2022. The duo subsequently published " Management of poisonings: the pharmacist's role" in the Pharmaceutical Journal on 19th May 2023. 

Andrea Losbanes and Anneka Mitchell  reviewed How good the team at UHP are at preventing nicotine withdrawal in patients and presented their findings at the Clinical Pharmacy Congress, 12 to 13 May 2023 Andrea Losbanes and Anneka Mitchell

Kerry Dixon presented her improvement project Homecare Prescription and Invoice Management Improvement Poster  at the Clinical Pharmacy Congress, 12 May 2023

Mo (Jonah) Kwok, Katie L Heard, Anthony May and others Health outcomes of penicillin alllergy testing in children 

Anneka Mitchell, J Snowball, T J Welsh and others Safety of direct oral anticoagulants vs. warfarin for people aged over 75 with atrial fibrillation

Vivek Soni  How to write a business case for a new pharmacy service.


M Rela, D Peberdy, K Heard, R FokE-Prescribing and Smart Antimicrobial Stewardship in Upper Limb Infections 


A G Sinclair, J Ellick, M Kehoe, L Hall, K Lamb, A Norman and M D Jones Service evaluation of the efficiency of moving discharge medicine request screening from the dispensary to hospital wards over a two-year period  


A.G. Sinclair, A Mitchell, S. Bhagwanji  Assessing the impact on workflow of placing a Pharmacy team in an emergency department (ED)



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