League of Friends of Derriford Hospital

Registered Charity Number: 283105

The League’s purpose is to raise money to provide equipment and facilities for the benefit of the patients in the hospital. To  date we have raised over £2million which has been spent on a variety of items - both large and small.

Items funded this financial year have totalled £53,000. The money passed over to the League by the two shops is added to by the proceeds of two draws, held at Easter and Christmas.

The two shops in the main concourse, level 6, are our main source of income and provide many items for the patient, member of staff or visitor.

The bookshop, with a great selection of books, is staffed wholly by volunteers.

The shop has a salaried, full time manageress and part time assistant, but all shifts are augmented by volunteers. We pride ourselves on the fact that the shop is open seven days a week to help those in the hospital with everyday needs, far too numerous to list.

The League is always pleased to welcome new volunteers for either shop and future members of the League willing to take on some responsibility for the running of the League.

If you are interested in either helping in the shops or joining the League, in the first instance contact the shop on 01752 430879. We will then be able to direct you to the appropriate contact.

The League of Friends Shop (main concourse, level 6, Derriford Hospital)

The League’s shop sells fresh fruit, a selection of cold food and drink, soft toys and a wide range of gifts. The shop is run by a manager and assistant who are supported by 20+ volunteers who each work 2 to 4 hour shifts, which enables the shop to open 7 days a week.

Image of League of Friends Shop

The League of Friends Book Shop (main concourse, level 6 Derriford Hospital)

The bookshop sells a wide range of pre-read paperback books. All books are donated and the shop is managed and run by volunteers. Donations of good quality paperback books are always welcome.

Image of League of Friends Bookshop

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