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We are delighted to introduce the VIP Awards to UHP.

The VIP Awards are an ongoing recognition scheme, created to celebrate our colleagues who work hard to go above and beyond.

Recognition, celebration and acknowledging the efforts and achievements of our colleagues is important to us.

We know that often our workforce can make a significant impact on the patients and colleagues that they come in to contact with, whether through an act of kindness or truly going the extra mile to do something with care and compassion.

One of UHP's core values is to Put People First; and we want to highlight the care we have for our colleagues and demonstrate that they are valued and appreciated.

Celebrate a member of the #1BigTeam by nominating them for a VIP Award.

Eligibility Criteria

Who are we awarding and what is the eligibility criteria

The VIP Awards recognises all UHP staff members who have shown the Trust’s core values through their work.

Eligibility criteria:

  • All full and part-time staff, apprentices and staff on Fixed Term Contracts working at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust
  • Must not be going through a disciplinary action or process

You could nominate someone for a VIP Award because they:

  • Communicate openly, transparently and with integrity
  • Support people to thrive and champion the wellbeing and success of others
  • Recognise, respect and celebrate people's differences
  • Stay calm and remain focused when the unexpected happens
  • Listen and communicate thoughtfully
  • Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of others
  • Speak up when something does not seem or feel right to them
  • Seek out, listen and learn from people with different perspectives and experiences
  • Are open to change new idea, and exploring different ways of working

Our Trust’s Values into Practice looks like this

Nomination Criteria

Nominees must be able to display UHP's Core Values. Below is how a member of staff may demonstrate the values.

Our values are:

  • Put people first
  • Take ownership
  • Listen, learn and improve
  • Respect others
  • Be positive

In action, the Trust values look like this:

  • We give feedback kindly and directly
  • We take time to look after ourselves and others
  • We are kind and civil without words and actions
  • We listen to each other with curiosity
  • We try to be helpful
  • We listen to understand not to reply
  • When someone does something well, we say so
  • We speak up if something does not seem right
  • We believe everyone is doing their best


How to make a nomination

You can nominate a member of staff using an online form below:



How the winners are selected and notified

The judging committee, made up of representatives across multiple departments at UHP will receive the nominations on a monthly basis and will select their VIP by assessing the entries.


When are the awards presented?

The winners will be presented with an award by a member of the Senior Leadership Team in the winner’s area of work or department. The winners will also be featured on Daily Email, Friday Five, social media and will be displayed on an archive of winners on the website.

Winners of the VIP Awards will also be rewarded with a VIP package of their choosing.

Bank Member of the Month for NHSP


Would you like to nominate a member of staff that is a Bank Member of NHS Professionals for University Hospitals Plymouth?

They have relaunched the Bank Member of the Month Award and has been running for several years but we have given it a refresh in order for more Bank Members to be recognised for their contribution to their Trust and the wider NHS.

Vote for the Bank Member of the Month here.

Recognising those nominated:

  • Every Bank Member that receives a nomination will now receive a certificate of thanks.
  • Out of all of the nominations, a top nomination from each Trust will be selected by the NHS Professionals Marketing team. The winner in each Trust will receive a certificate and pin badge, which will say 'Bank Member of The Month' and has the icon on a white badge.
  • We will also have two overall Bank Member of the Month winners, one for the North and one for the South region. The top nominations from both regions will be sent to an Account Director based in that region to pick a winner. This winner will receive a £100 Love2Shop Voucher, thank you card, certificate and pin badge, which will have gold edging and the word 'winner' on it in gold.

Saying Thank You

Say thank you

Say Thank You and Learn from Excellence is a way for staff and patients to say thank you and show appreciation for something a member of staff or team has done well.

If you would you like to thank a member of staff, or want to recognise a colleague for their exceptional work, you can do so here:


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