Medical Devices Strategic Investment

Machines The Trust has a vast inventory of medical devices and specialist furniture which sits under the Clinical Engineering department to maintain and manage.

In order to organise and facilitate the acquisition of replacement medical devices across the Trust, a structured, yearly, risk assessed capital programme is
co-ordinated and managed by the Medical Devices Strategic Investment Manager.

This is often referred to as ‘the Rolling Replacement Programme’.

Any device(s) which are nearing obsolescence and which have been highlighted in our programme as needing replacement are then presented to finance for approval.

The management of medical device acquisition projects typically include liaising with end users/service lines to establish their needs and requirements, specification development, trials and evaluations, delivery & commissioning and user training and implementation. Projects typically take 6 months to 1 year to complete, however the length of a project can increase depending on its complexity.

Our small team works extremely closely with the Capital Procurement team who help us deliver the scheme of projects every year and whose aim is to get the best deal for the Trust and the best products for the end users. We also work closely with the Clinical engineering teams who ensures a device meets key standards and is fit for purpose whilst offering us guidance and support in delivering projects.

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