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Image of Mustard Tree The Mustard Tree Cancer Support Centre has been created to support people with cancer, their carers and family. The Centre is available to anyone affected by cancer at any stage of the illness and offers a wide range of services within a comfortable environment where you can share your concerns, ask questions and receive support. The Centre is also available to relatives and carers and they will be able to also gain support and ask any questions they may have about their loved ones condition/treatment as well as any concerns they may have about themselves (eg emotional or psychological).
The Centre has a welcoming atmosphere with a comfortable area for you to sit and reflect or speak to someone about any concerns you have. We are also able to offer information about your illness, details of the support that is available to you and your family and offer you the opportunity to talk to someone about how you feel. For more information on these, please see our Support Services section.
The Centre is also available at the Outreach Clinics (Triangle Centres) at Kingsbridge, Liskeard and Tavistock one day a week. This is to be able to provide support to patients closer to their homes. For more information about the Triangle Centres, please see our Triangle Outreach Centres section.

Please remember that the Mustard Tree Cancer Support Centre was created for you and we will do our best to respond to whatever you feel you need.

The Mustard Tree Cancer Support Centre is staffed by professionals and trained volunteers, some of which have had a personal experience with cancer.

Opening Hours
The drop-in service is available between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Contact Information
For more information please telephone the centre on 01752 430060

Please address any correspondence to:
The Mustard Tree Macmillan Cancer Support Centre
Level 3
Derriford Hospital

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