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Five-year-old Ollie running a marathon in fancy dress for Plymouth Hospitals Charity

Young ollie dressed as ironman

Five-year-old Ollie Hall is running a marathon in 30 days for Plymouth Hospitals Charity. Taking on a mile every day in fancy dress, Ollie is planning to run 26 miles before he turns six on the 8th of June.

Ollie has now passed mile 20 and is still going strong! Among many others, Ollie's fancy dress costumes have included Harry Potter, a vampire, a pirate, lots of different superheroes and a knight of the NHS. Even in 20 degree-plus heat, Ollie has kept on running.

“On the 8th of June I will be turning six,” said Ollie. “Before I get there I would love to help the doctors and nurses at Derriford Hospital by raising £150 to go towards helping poorly people.”

Ollie’s Dad, Chris, explains that Ollie has been inspired to find ways to help other during the COVID-19 outbreak:

“About four weeks ago I was going out to get our weekly shop,” said Chris. “Ollie came to me with his hard earned pocket money that he was saving and asked me to spend it on buying cakes for his teachers and friends who were still at school to cheer them up and make them smile. We bought lots of cakes and he took them to school the following day. The teachers and children were so over the moon and thanked Ollie from the bottom of their heart.”

Ollie decided he wanted to do more to help others and set his heart and a goal of raising £50, which he smashed in the first 24 hours. He increased his target to £150, then £250, then £350 and has just topped his most recent target of £850! Ollie’s Dad tells us he is so chuffed of his achievement so far.

Ollie has run over 20 miles so far and is excited at the prospect of potentially raising even more money for the NHS. 

You can support Ollie and follow his fundraising journey here: https://bit.ly/Ollies_Marathon

Ollie Hall

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