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Poem and donation commends Meldon Ward on wonderful treatment

Image of Nebuliser Donation Two former patients of Derriford Hospital’s Meldon Ward have found a novel way to say a special thank you for their recent treatment.

Roger Palfrey (pictured) and Kevin Gardner met during a recent inpatient stay and the pair formed a quick rapport during their stay and decided to find a special way to say thank you to the team, for treating them with such compassion during their stay.

The result of this collaboration is a touching poem dedicated to the staff of Meldon Ward and a donation of two nebulisers.

The poem will take pride of place on the Meldon Ward noticeboard for staff and visitors to enjoy and the nebulisers have already been put to good use on the ward for dispensing respiratory medications to patients.

Roger, who visited on behalf of the pair in order to make the presentation, said: “The poem is our way of commending staff for the wonderful treatment we received while on Meldon Ward. As patients, both myself and Kevin saw how important the nebulisers were in the treatment of respiratory conditions and making a donation seemed like the most natural thing to do to help others who find themselves in a similar position.”

“We are massively grateful, not only for their kind words but also their generous donation,” said Linda Satterley, Senior Sister of Meldon Ward. “It means so much to our team to be thanked for their dedication and gestures such as these are an acknowledgement of the compassionate care we offer, day-in and day-out.”

A Poem for Meldon Ward

When we first got to Meldon Ward, we didn’t want to know any of you at all,

But as days passed and our health improved we knew our backs had been against the wall,


We did as we were told, and why would we not? It was you who were helping us, you see,

Providing us with tablets for breakfast, tablets for lunch and the same again for tea!


Not one single person who works on this ward is excluded from our praise, so THANKS.

Your professionalism and teamwork always shone through, and YOU ALL HAVE IT IN TANKS!


Though we had hard times whilst in your care, we are so pleased that we pulled through,

And that we are here to present our thanks, is entirely down to you.


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