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This map shows the different courier routes: Courier Info Map

Courier Team Contact Details:

The office number is: 01752 435460 (35460) Mon – Fri, 07:00 – 15:30.


Pathology Specimen Storage Document:

Pathology Specimen Storage

Microbiology request form for GPs to use if ICE goes down:

Microbiology request form PDF


To help us trace samples unequivocally to the correct patient the laboratory needs you to provide us with accurate and legible information on the sample and request.  The best way to achieve this is by electronic requesting.

Following recent patient mis-identification incidents, as of 1st  May 2019 we intend to improve patient safety by requiring three of the following four points of patient identification on all requests and samples:


  • Surname and forename
  • Date of birth


  • Hospital number
  • NHS number

Without these identifiers, samples will be rejected if the sender cannot be contacted and is unable to come to the lab to rectify the omission.

John Hooper, Microbiology Quality & Safety Manager and Dr Jane Steer,  Consultant Medical Microbiologist and


Opening times for The Outpatients Venepuncture Department.

Mon – Thurs 0800-1725

Fri 0800-1650

No appointment necessary as we operate a drop in system.

We can only bleed patients aged 16 & upwards, Under 16 please contact The Children & Young people’s OPD 01752  245126 to make an appointment.

All requests should be via a blood request form or ICE computer system. Unfortunately we are unable to take a blood sample without either of these.

If a patient presents us with pre-printed ICE labels, we are unable to use these labels and the patient will be asked to contact their GP surgery to re order the request.

Our Phlebotomists are restricted to bleeding people from their arms/hands.

Andrew Conbeer, Deputy Phlebotomy Manager


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Reviewed December 2023
This page will be updated June 2024

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