Seeing a Children's Wellbeing Practitioner

What is a Children's Wellbeing Practitioner (CWP)?

A CWP uses specific Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) interventions to support children and young people with mild to moderate mental health challenges (anxiety, low mood and behavioural difficulties). We also support our patients with sleep hygiene if needed.

Circular flowchart. Thoughts, what we think affects how we feel and how we act. Behaviours, what we do affects how we think and how we feel. Emotions, what we feel affects how we think and how we act. CBT in the middle. 

CBT cycle 

We work directly with young people aged 7-18 years and with parents of younger children (5-12 years) and we see our patients here at the CDC or online at home or online at school (if possible)

We carry out an assessment together and decide whether a CWP intervention would be supportive or whether another service would be more appropriate. We would help you to access this service if needed.

In our sessions we talk, draw pictures, watch videos and play games.

Picture of anxiety

This is a picture drawn by one of our young people to show us how anxiety feels for him

We only see young people with low levels of risk and complexity.  We do not see young people where there is historical or current abuse, significant trauma, eating disorders or chronic conditions

For more information about what we do see our leaflet for caregivers  Visiting a CWP (Wellbeing Practitioner) parents leaflet.docx [docx] 224KB or young people Visiting a Wellbeing Practitioner (CWP) young people leaflet.docx [docx] 329KB 


One of our interventions is supporting caregivers to work through the book Overcoming your Child's Fears and Worries (2nd Edition) by Creswell and Willetts. Feedback from parents/caregivers is this is a really helpful book alongside therapy their child was having or whilst you are waiting for them to be seen. 

We have also put together some helpful resources

Anxiety Resources

Useful local services

Self Harm Guidance and Support

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