Giving a gift on your anniversary

Give a gift for your anniversary

Happy anniversary!

Congratulations and thank you for thinking of us!

We hope you have a wonderful day to honour your beautiful memories and we wish you many more for the future. 

To celebrate this fabulous occasion you can ask your friends and family to give a gift to Plymouth Hospitals Charity. Your anniversary donation can go to support the area of the hospital that means the most to you both, or your gift can go where the need is greatest. Either way, together, you'll be making a real difference to people's lives.

You could set up a special page in honour of your day and invite people to give online. Through our partners, Charity Checkout, you can personalise your own celebration page and tell your story. 

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If you just want to make a present of your donation directly to us you can simply use our donate button.

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Your support means a lot to patients and staff. Thanks again for such generosity on such a special day!