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University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust is now carrying out various outpatients appointments through video consultations.

You can connect using a PC, Mac or an iOS/ android device via a web browser (Chrome or Safari).

You would have received a message or letter from your clinician or a member of the booking team, advising you that your appointment will be held as a video consultation.

For more details on how the system works, please watch the video below.

Please do not drop into a virtual waiting room unless you have a booked video consultation.



For the best experience during your video consultation, please follow this guide:

  • Ensure you are the only one on your internet at home when accessing your video appointment.
  • Connect an Ethernet cable to your router and into your PC or Laptop.
  • If you are using a smartphone or tablet ensure you have good Wi-Fi connection.
  • Complete a test of your equipment using the Perform a test call tab.

How to use attend anywhere

Test your equipment

We recommend you test your equipment 2-3 days before your video appoitment. if you have any issues, please read the documentation at the bottom of the page.

Perform a test call

Any problems?


Please select the correct video consultation tab below:

Derriford Clinics

Main outpatients

Pain management



Plym, Children's thatres


Ear, nose and throat


Primrose Breast Clinic

Attend Chest Medicine Video Consultation

Attend Oncology video consultation

Maxilo Facial Orthodontics restorative Dentistry

Attend urology video consultation

Attend Orthopaedics/Rheumatology video consultation

Attend Dermatology video consultation

Attend Eden Outpatients video consultation

Attend neurovascular video consultation

Attend Gynaecology video consultation

Attend Cardiology video consultation

Emergency and Minor Injury Units

South Hams

Cumberland centre

Support Services

Cancer Support Specialists

Mustard Tree counselling video consultation

Attend Macmillan exercise and wellbeing video programme

Attend Clinical Health Psychology video consultation

Attend community midfiwery vicdeo consultation

Community Hospitals

Child Development Centre

Attend South Hams Hospital physiotherapy video consultation

Attend Tavistock Hospital physiotherapy video consultation

Any problems?

If you are currently using a browser other than Safari or Chrome, the video consultation software will not work. Please download Chrome, for free, by clicking on the logo below. Once installed, open Chrome and copy and paste the following URL on the navigation bar:

Download chrome

How to connect to your video consultation. A step by step guide.

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