• Exploring Feelings: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to Manage Anxiety by Tony Attwood
  • Overcoming Your Child's Fears and Worries: A Self-help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques by Cathy Creswell and Lucy Willets
  • The Opposite of Worry: The Playful Parenting Approach to Childhood Anxieties and Fears by Lawrence J Cohen
  • The Panicosaurus: Managing Anxiety in Children Including Those with Asperger Syndrome by K.I.Al Ghani
  • Starving the Anxiety Gremlin for Children Aged 5-9 (Gremlin and Thief CBT Workbooks)
  •  by Kate Collins-Donnelly
  • Starving the Anxiety Gremlin: A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Workbook on Anxiety Management for Young People (Gremlin and Thief CBT Workbooks) by Kate Collins-Donnelly
  • The Huge Bag of Worries by Virginia Ironside
  • What to Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming Anxiety (What-to-Do Guides for Kids) by Dawn Huebner
  • All Kinds of Fears: a Lift-the-Flap Book by Emma Brownjohn
  • Help! I’ve Got an Alarm Bell Going Off in My Head! How Panic, Anxiety and Stress Affect Your Body by K.L. Aspden
  • All Birds have Anxiety by Kathy Hoopmann
  • Coping with an anxious or depressed child by Dr Sam Cartwright-Hatton





Useful information about what anxiety is and helpful strategies to try to tackle it. There is also a nice quick tips section for use in panicky situations. Users can "favourite" the methods that work for them.




Help with low-level depression, anxiety disorders, anger management issues, etc. The skills taught include self-monitoring, identifying and changing unhealthy thought patterns, and engaging in mood-enhancing activities.







Learn meditation to reduce anxiety and stress and improve their attention and awareness; good for a beginner to establish a regular meditative routine. The skills taught include mindfulness and cognitive diffusion, breathing exercises, meditation practice, tips for increased relaxation, concentration. There are online forums, podcasts, normalizing mind-wandering and illustrating main points with videos.

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Free for first 10 sessions


Self-help for Anxiety Management

Self-help methods for people who want to learn how to manage their anxiety. Users can monitor their anxiety levels and visualise their anxiety profile over time. Discover and apply self-help techniques including multimedia and mini-games and share anonymous advice and ratings with the user community.



Calm Relaxation and meditation guides to help reduce anxiety and aid sleep with stories, music and visuals. There are guides suitable for all ages including adults and children from age three, although younger children will need the help of adults to use the app.  3+ Free (Premium version available)
Clear Fear  Clear Fear is an app aimed for teenagers by Dr Nihara Krause, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, and uses the evidence-based treatment CBT to focus on learning to reduce the physical responses of anxiety by learning to breathe, relax, and be mindful, as well as changing thoughts and behaviours. 11+ (some parts could be used by younger children) Free



How to make a worry box

Christmas countdown sheet


Dealing with panic 

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