The Autism Service and Learning Disability Team currently provides advice via the telephone or email in regards to children with additional needs attending the hospital. The teams are unable to provide direct support but if advice is required please use the contact details below.

Autism Service Facebook & Twitter

Learning Disability Facebook & Twitter

We invite you to make use of the resources available on this page and we are happy to be contacted if you require advice or to clarify anything related to the hospital including (but not limited to) reasonable adjustments, appointments, alerting on the hospital systems and transition into adult services.

Contact Details

Derriford Autism Service


Telephone: 01752 4(32134)


Learning Disability Liaison Service


Telephone: 01752 431566 


Resources for children with additional needs

We recommend that you fill in the paediatric hospital passport and the reasonable adjustment requests form for your child. If your child doesn't want to use the paediatric hospital passport, the adult Autism Hospital Passport can be downloaded here.  

Once completed, please bring them with you to any visits to the hospital. The information in the documents will aid staff to put reasonable adjustments in place to help improve your childs hospital experience. We are unable to guarantee that all requests will be met but appropriate consideration will be made. 

Click the images to download the PDF's. If you would like the Microsoft Word versions please click these links: Paediatric Hospital Passport, Reasonable Adjustment Requests Form.

    PDF Paediatric Hospital Passport       PDF Reasonable Adjustment Requests Form  


Do you think your child could be Autistic?

If you think your child might be Autistic, you can try the AQ10 childrens self assessment here. We would then recommend to make an appointment to see a GP, offer them the results from the AQ10, if you have done it, (if you have not done the AQ10  then the GP should go through the questions with you/your child),  and ask them for a referral for the diagnostic pathway.


Useful Links

Ambitious About Autism - Early Years

Ambitious About Autism - Parent Toolkits

Autistic Spectrum Disorders in children & young people - South Hams & West Devon 

Beyond Autism - Resources

CAMHS - Autism 

Fledglings - Advice

Parent/Carers Cornwall 

Plymouth Information and Support Service for SEND

National Autistic Society

National Autistic Society - Parents/carers

NHS - Help for parents and families of Autistic children

NHS - Accessible toys, play and learning 

Resources for Autism 

South West Autism Support

Children and family health - Devon 


Child Development Centre (Plymouth)


Child Development Centre - Resources

Telephone:  01752 439400


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