Immunodeficiency Clinic

These clinics are for patients with disorders of the immune system. We also see people with recurrent infections to see if the immune system is working properly. Most immune deficiencies are very rare and can be ruled out with a detailed clinical history and some simple blood tests. You can therefore expect to be asked lots of questions; we are particularly interested in any history of serious, recurrent or unusual infections.

Please bring to the appointment:

  • a list of your current medications; we may also ask you about medicines you have been on in the past such as chemotherapy or immunesuppressants.
  • If and when you received any vaccinations, in particular the tetanus or pneumonia vaccination 

If your Doctor requests blood tests they are usually taken on the day of your appointment but because of the nature of the tests it is quite normal for the results to take a number of weeks to be available. We occasionally give vaccinations as part of the investigation process. If possible we try to do this on the day of your appointment but if not we will arrange for this to happen via your GP. 

If a vaccination is necessary, you may require additional blood tests some weeks later. These are usually taken by your GP and the results discussed as part of a follow up appointment. 

Paediatric Immunology Clinics – We support a service for children (under 16 years) with immunodeficiency based on Children and Young People's Outpatient Department at Derriford Hospital. We have close links with tertiary specialist hospitals and are involved in shared patient care with our Paediatrician colleagues. The service includes outpatient clinics and intravenous infusion clinics. 

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