Peninsula Immunology and Allergy Service Team

The Service comprises a multidisciplinary team specialising in Immunology and Allergy


  • Ms Rebecca Briggs, Specialist Allergy Dietitian
  • Ms Nadine Whitford, Physician Associate
  • Dr James Walton, Principal Clinical Scientist
  • Dr Alexandra Hughes, Clinical Scientist
  • Miss Kavindi Gunaratne, Clinical Scientist
  • Dr Jane Evely, Research Nurse
  • Ms Stacey Arscott, Senior Research Administrator
  • Dr Rebecca Wosley (Quality Manager)


  • Mrs Christine Symons, Nurse Consultant
  • Mr John Dixon, Specialist Allergy Nurse
  • Ms Natalie James, Specialist Immunology Nurse

Supported by a team of registered nurses


  • Miss Gemma Rowe, Clinical Administration Manager
  • Miss Freya Martin, Speciality Coordinator (Immunodeficiency)
  • Miss Rebecca Lane, Speciality Coordinator (Allergy)

Supported by a team of ward administrators


The sub-regional Immunoglobulin Advisory Panel

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