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#RehabLegend Patient Stories

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From delirium to reality

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#BallsToCovid Campaign

We care passionate at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust about recovery, and we know that rehabilitation is fundamental to recovery.  We started the #BallsToCovid campaign to celebrate teamwork, patient recovery and the joy of activity in hospital. 


Be a #Rehablegend and join the #BallsToCovid Campaign.


Get yours, send your address to Teamrehablegend@gmail.com


*Disclaimer: strict infection control measures were taken and all patient gave consent to share their images/video.

Dear ICU Survivor

Dear ICU Survivor,

It is unlikely we will ever meet but I know what you are going through because I am an ICU survivor too. I know you are stronger than you think and even know right now, you have overcome something that nearly killed you. Your strength and determination brought you through with the help of an excellent ICU team. In the beginning, everything will seem like it is too difficult to achieve and it will be a struggle but you will overcome these hurdles.

Read in full at: https://autoimmunedisorderjourney.blogspot.com/2019/11/dear-icu-suvivor.html

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