ICU Rehab Championships

This year to mark ICU Rehab Day we are launching the ICU Rehab Championships!

This 2 month event will be an opportunity to showcase and celebrate brilliant patients, loved ones and colleagues and the phenomenal rehabilitation that takes place in your environments. This event is open to everyone across the recovery journey after critical illness and we are keen to see your ICU Rehab Championships! 

This event will launch on Friday 12 July. If you would like to attend please email


  #ICURehabDay #ICURehabChampionships 2024


Here are some of our ideas how you could integrate this into your clinical team:

  • Run your own Championships event 
  • Celebrate a rehabilitation goal 
  • Mark the brilliance of one of your team members


Events could be...but we can't wait to see your genius! 

  • Balloon volleyball
  • Connect Four Championships
  • Beach ball football
  • Highest bubble tower
  • Blow football
  • Foam darts
  • Loudest hum
  • Triathlon - Shower, bike and walk ( Within 24 hours) 
  • Pentathlon - Shower, bike, walk, Nerf gun target and Ballon Volleyball ( within 48 hours)
  • Long Distance Events - 1km Bike, 5Km Bike, 100m Walk

It is our intention that events are tailored to patients, units and functional ability to ensure that as many ICU Rehab Champions are awarded as possible. 


Download Certificates for your patients, loved one and colleagues: ICU Rehab Championships 2024 Certificate.pdf [pdf] 615KB

Important Dates

Rehab Championships Dates

Date Event Further Information
June 17 to 19 Intensive Care Society Meeting in Liverpool

Medals and support packs available from #Rehablegend Stand

July 5 #ICURehabDay Opening Event online


September 6 Closing Event Online

Sharing of some of the Medal Table

October 7 to 8 Closing video of all #ICURehabChampionships Launched at the BACCN conference


Have you donated to #RehabLegend?

Hand holder small sign saying #Rehab LegendHave you donated to #RehabLegend for your medals and badges? You can also sponsor a medal for a patient for £5.

Make a donation in the Plymouth Hospitals Charity website, and don't forget to write what the donation is for in the thank you box.

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