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9) WIs and guidance

Oncology Work Instructions

WI 001 - Making up a new Source Data (SD) folder for a new trial patient V1.1.pdf [pdf] 219KB

WI 002 - Note Managment and tracering within Oncology Trials V1.1.pdf [pdf] 241KB

WI 003 - Expenses process for all staff V1.2.pdf [pdf] 179KB

WI 004 - The administration of the consent process.pdf [pdf] 222KB

WI 005 - Protected managment time duties and responsibilities .pdf [pdf] 128KB

WI 006 - Booking a scan.pdf [pdf] 132KB

WI 007 - Process when a patient is referred V1.1.pdf [pdf] 127KB

WI 008 - Process to screen a patient V1.1.pdf [pdf] 129KB

WI 009a - Apendix A EOI email to be sent to Investigator.pdf [pdf] 390KB

WI 009a - Appendix B List of sub-specialty leads for each Tumour site.pdf [pdf] 390KB

WI 009b - Study Set up (Feasibility).pdf [pdf] 126KB

WI 009c - Appendix A MPE submission form V8 27.11.2018.pdf [pdf] 466KB

WI 009c - Appendix B Internal Authorisation Form V5.0 10Oct17.pdf [pdf] 311KB

WI 009c - Appendix C DIQ Impact assesment form Oncology V1.5 FINAL.pdf [pdf] 564KB

WI 010- Appendix A -Room bookings - contact details.pdf [pdf] 399KB

WI 010 - Site Initiation Visit (SIV) preperation.pdf [pdf] 133KB

WI 011 - Management of Amendments.pdf [pdf] 130KB

WI 012 - creating a site file for non commercial studies.pdf [pdf] 129KB

WI 013 - Booking Chemotherapy slots.pdf [pdf] 127KB

WI 014 - Requesting a scan.pdf [pdf] 131KB

WI 015 - Nurse in charge duties.pdf [pdf] 130KB

WI 016 - Drug Request List.pdf [pdf] 134KB

WI 017 - Prepping of paperwork for patient visit.pdf [pdf] 135KB

WI 018 - Administration processing storage and shipping of blood samples for clinical trial.pdf [pdf] 222KB

WI 020 - Creating a SD visit checklist.pdf [pdf] 152KB

WI 021 - Running a research clinic.pdf [pdf] 135KB

WI 022 - Delegation Log Management.pdf [pdf] 129KB

WI 023 - Data entry for data mangers.pdf [pdf] 218KB

WI 024 - Planning for a monitoring visit.pdf [pdf] 131KB

WI 025 - Tissue sampling histopathology.pdf [pdf] 134KB

WI 026 - Somerset Cancer Register.pdf [pdf] 194KB

WI 027 - Assesment of trial complexity.pdf [pdf] 127KB

WI 027 - Appendix A Trial complexity tool.pdf [pdf] 398KB

WI 027 - Appendix B Trial complexity tool.pdf [pdf] 415KB

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