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What is Innovation?

NHS Innovation is the process of developing and applying better solutions that meet existing requirements, new and emerging requirements or even unarticulated means. These innovations may be in the form of new or improved products, processes or services resulting in improved patient care or saving cost. In some cases, they may also make money for both the NHS and the innovators.

There are three types of innovation;

  • A new product e.g. a new piece of equipment to be used in a surgical intervention. 
  • A new process e.g. patient notes being transferred between clinics to save time. 
  • A new service e.g. a telephone follow up service. 

What if you have an idea?

We are really interested to hear about any idea that you may have, whether it’s a new product, process or service.  First of all you can contact Helen Neilens who will be happy to discuss your idea with you.  Alternatively you can follow this link which will take you to the Innovation Capture Form.  If you complete that and submit it to Helen, she will contact you to discuss it.  For an overview see the Trust's Innovation pathway flow chart and the path for IT (including Websites and Apps).

Things you can do

To ensure we can give you the best advice it will be helpful if you can provide us with as much information about your idea as you can including for example; what it is, any evidence that exists or new evidence that it is needed, other Trusts using it/doing it, patient/trust benefits and potential costs/savings involved.  Simple online searches may help with much of this information.  Please see the links below for some support with this.

What happens next?

Once we have all the information we can collate together then we can advise on how best to help you with what you need to take your idea forward.  It may be that you can be directed to someone or a department in the Trust who will be able to manage your idea or include it as part of an existing process.  Some projects and ideas are more complex and may need more advice and support, for instance resources; financial and time. These will be directed to our Trust Innovation Group. For further information on the Trust Innovation Pathway, please click here.

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